Thursday, December 26, 2002 you have no doubt read,joe strummer died on dec.22/02. sadly another of my heroes is gone. between dee dee ramone,mary hansen,john entwhistle, and now this....well 2002 has been a bitch for the music fan. and add to the fact that joe was just 5 years older than me.... paul has pointed out,i have been more miss than hit posting on this years resolution to self will include trying to blahg a bit more often. hopefully the resolution won't go the way of so many of my past ones.

2002 favourites:: continued...
sonic youth - "murray street":: wow! more like sonic approaching middle-agers. saying that is more of a comment on how vital these folks have managed to stay.when so many older bands and performers [calling elvis costello] are on auto-pilot the youth manage to come up with their best in several years. now if only it was a five-song ep as opposed to a 7-track know,possibly drop the two kim gordon sung songs. using paul's system:: overall score 71%[5 great songs out of a possible 7]

...more favourites to follow...

.. i know that i am a little late with this,but here is hoping that all the fine folks listed [ and anyone else that reads this] on the side bar had a great christmas and it continues on through the rest of the year! ! !


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