Thursday, January 22, 2004

:: some random thoughts ::

...i'd like to steer anyone reading to rob's blog ,specifically his jan.20th entry from *guest entry x*. a powerful piece from someone who has witnessed first hand horrible shit in Palestine. much of a fan i was of swell some years ago,i kinda drifted away from even thinking about them after "41". while perusing someone's files on soulseek i stumbled across "whenever you're ready and thought "what the hell". i really thought these boys had lost the plot,but having listened to these tracks has me out looking to buy this release.

...dug some vinyl out of the closet the other day [as i rarely listen to any] and gave hunters & collectors hunters & collectors a spin. really aged very well,thumping drums and funky bass. wish i could find this on cd as well. at the risk of offending the *vinyl fetishists*,i just can't be bothered with that format anymore.

...has the big fella finally awoken? or was last night just another glimpse at the kind of game he is capable of?


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